Oscilloscope probes

TiePie oscilloscope probes provide high accuracy and reliability for all measurements.

TiePie engineering offers a selection of high quality oscilloscope probes. Passive as well as active voltage oscilloscope probes are available. Oscilloscope probe bandwidths range from 15 MHz to 250 MHz, with attenuations from 1:1 to 1:200, allowing voltage measurements up to 1.2 kV. All oscilloscope probes are connected to an oscilloscope with a BNC connector.

All TiePie engineering oscilloscope probes are listed below with their key specifications. Use the oscilloscope probe comparison page to compare and sort them based on more specifications. See the current clamps if you want to measure currents.

Product Price Bandwidth Attenuation Rating Description
Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022  11.50
15 MHz 1:1 600 V This elementary oscilloscope probe has a limited bandwidth of 15 MHz. Because no attenuator is present, it is suitable for use with differential oscilloscopes, like the Handyscope HS4 DIFF, as well as with single-ended models.
Oscilloscope Probe 1:1-1:10 - HP-3060  17.00
60 MHz 1:1 / 1:10 600 V A 60 MHz bandwidth and selectable 1:1 or 1:10 attenuation make this oscilloscope probe suitable for most common voltage measurements with typical oscilloscopes.
Oscilloscope Probe 1:1-1:10 - HP-9250  28.50
250 MHz 1:1 / 1:10 600 V Because of its high bandwidth of 250 MHz, this oscilloscope probe is very well suited for voltage measurements with fast oscilloscopes like the Handyscope HS5.
Oscilloscope Probe 1:100 - HP-9258  53.00
250 MHz 1:100 1.2 kV An ideal oscilloscope probe for measuring high voltages up to 1.2 kV with a high bandwidth of 250 MHz, that makes it suitable for fast oscilloscopes like the Handyscope HS5.
Differential probe SI-9002  313.00
25 MHz 1:20 / 1:200 1 kV This differential active high voltage probe can be used to perform isolated voltage measurements with single-ended as well as differential oscilloscopes.