TiePie automotive diagnostics

TiePie automotive

Visit TiePie automotive for all TiePie automotive products, diagnostics articles and measurement examples.

This dedicated automotive website offers the automotive technician:

  • a clear overview of a complete range of automotive diagnostics products, such as lab scopes (automotive oscilloscopes), current clamps and test probes, that will help to quickly identify the cause of automotive problems.
  • an extensive list of measurement examples on all commonly used automotive sensors and actuators. The examples explain how the sensors and actuators work, how the lab scope needs to be connected and how it needs to be setup in order to measure their signals and check for correct functioning.
  • case studies about solving real life car problems. These articles show the importance of measuring with an automotive lab scope to diagnose the problem to find the real source. At the end of each article, the cause and solution of the problem are shown together with a measurement showing the repair was effective.