Instruments All connected supported instruments will be loaded automatically if not used by another application. The instruments will be listed with their name and serial number, for easy recognition. The channels of each instrument will be included as sub objects.

When more than one instrument is detected, one instrument will be active, indicated by a blue and boldface name. Instrument specific Hotkeys will apply to the active instrument only. A different instrument can be activated by clicking it in the object tree or by pressing the corresponding Hotkey.

Controlling instruments can be done by right-clicking the instrument in the object tree. This will show an instrument popup menu with all settings of that instrument. Channels can be individually controlled by their channel popup menus which are opened by right clicking the channel in object tree.

A more convenient way to control instruments and channels is by means of toolbars. A fully configurable instrument toolbar is available for each instrument. For each channel also a fully configurable channel toolbar is available.

When multiple instruments are connected, they can be combined to form a larger combined instrument.

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