Handyprobe HP3 specifications

The tables below show detailed specifications of the Handyprobe HP3 high voltage oscilloscope. Jump to acquisition specifications, trigger specifications or general specifications.

Acquisition system

Input channel1
CH1isolated 4 mm banana jack sockets
Resolution10 bits
Amplitude accuracy0.3 % of full scale
Ranges±0.2 V to ±800 V full scale in a 2 - 4 - 8 sequence
Impedance2.1 MOhm // 15 pF
Maximum input voltage (in all ranges)600 VRMS CAT II; derated at 3 dB/decade above 20 kHz to 25 Vpk-pk at 50 MHz
Maximum Common Mode voltage200 mV to 8 V range: 12 V
20 V to 80 V range: 120 V
200 V to 800 V range: 800 V
Common Mode Rejection Ratio60 dB
Bandwidth (-3dB)50 MHz
AC coupling cut off frequency (-3dB)1.5 Hz
Rise time10 ns
Overshoot1 %
Maximum sampling rateHP3-100HP3-20HP3-5
real time100 MS/s20 MS/s5 MS/s
Maximum streaming rateHP3-100HP3-20HP3-5
 10 MS/s2 MS/s500 kS/s
Sampling clock sourceinternal, quartz
Accuracy±0.01 %
Stability±100 ppm over -40 °C to +85 °C
Time base aging±5 ppm/year
Memorystandard modelXM option
16384 samples1048576 samples
Systemdigital, 2 levels
Trigger modesrising edge, falling edge
Level adjustment0 to 100 % of full scale
Hysteresis adjustment0 to 100 % of full scale
Resolution0.1 % (10 bits)
Pre trigger0 to 1048576 samples (0 to 100%, 1 sample resolution)
Post trigger0 to 1048576 samples (0 to 100%, 1 sample resolution)
Trigger hold-off0 to 4194303 samples, 1 sample resolution


InterfaceUSB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s)
(USB 1.1 Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) and USB 3.0 compatible)
Network supportYes, via TPISS Instrument Sharing Server

Power Requirements

Power from USB port400 mA max (2 W max)


Instrument height25 mm (1 inch)
Instrument length177 mm (6.9 inch)
Instrument width68 mm (2.7 inch)
USB cable length1.8 m (70 inch)
Weight290 g (10.2 ounce)

I/O connectors

Channel 1isolated 4 mm banana jack sockets
USBfixed cable with USB 2.0 type A connector

System Requirements

PC I/O connectionUSB
Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10, 32 and 64 bits
Linux (via LibTiePie SDK)

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature0 to 55 °C
Relative humidity10 to 90 % non condensing

Storage Environment

Ambient temperature-20 to 70 °C
Relative humidity5 to 95 % non condensing

Certifications and Compliances

CE mark complianceYes


Convenient carrying caseCarry case BB271
InstrumentHandyprobe HP3
Test leadMeasure lead TP-C812A
AccessoriesTest Probe TP-TP90 Set
Alligator Clip TP-AC80I
wrist strap
SoftwareWindows 7/8/10 on CD
DriversWindows 7/8/10 on CD
Manualinstrument manual and software user manuals
color printed on paper and digital on CD