The TP208 is no longer manufactured and sold.
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Software will remain available through this web site, but it will no longer be updated.


The tables below show detailed specifications of the TP208.

Acquisition system

Number of input channels2 analog, BNC
Resolution8 bit = 0.39%
Accuracy2% of full scale ± 1 LSB
Ranges20 mV to 80 V full scale
Impedance1 MOhm / 20 pF
Protection200 V (DC + AC peak < 10 kHz)
Bandwidth (-3dB)DC to 20 MHz
AC coupling cut off frequency (-3dB)±1.5 Hz
Maximum sampling rate20 MHz, 50 ns on two channels
Sampling clock sourceinternal ±0.01%, external
Memory32760 samples each channel

Square Wave Generator (independent from acquisition system)

Number of output channels1 analog, BNC
Amplitude-2 V to 2 V
Impedance400 Ohm
Frequency range100 Hz to 100 kHz

Trigger system

Systemhardware, 2 levels
SourceCH1, CH2, AND, OR, digital external
Trigger modesrising edge, falling edge, inside window, outside window
Level adjustment0 to 100% of full scale
Hysteresis adjustment0 to 100% of full scale
Resolution0.39% (8 bits)
Digital trigger input level0 to 5 V max
Pre trigger0 to 32760 samples (0 to 100%)
Post trigger0 to 32760 samples (0 to 100%)


Interface8 bit ISA slot

Power Requirements

Power from ISA slot+5 V : 800 mA
+12 V : 250 mA
-12 V : 100 mA


Instrument height140 mm (5.5 inch)
Instrument length245 mm (9.6 inch)
Instrument width20 mm (0,8 inch)
Weight250 g (8.8 ounce)
Accessories2 oscilloscope probes 1:1 / 1:10 switchable
bracket with D-sub connector


Download software, drivers, manuals and source code for the TP208.

Software & Driver

LPT/ISA DriverWindows NT4/2000/XP, 32 bit247.57 kB download
TP208 WinSoft measurement software (32 bit)2.87Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP1.94 MB download
TP208 WinSoft measurement software (16 bit)2.30Windows 3.xx2.17 MB download
TP208 DOS Measurement software2.0DOS protected mode, English265.09 kB download


TP208 Instrument + DOS Software manualDutch211.20 kB download
TP208 Instrument + DOS Software manualEnglish1.13 MB download
WinSoft software manual2.0.7English705.65 kB download
WinSoft software manual2.0.6Dutch744.24 kB download


TP208 Instrument DLL (32 bit)2.90Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP454.52 kB download
TP208 Instrument DLL (16 bit)Windows 3.xx104.78 kB download
Borland C++ Builder example18.53 kB download
Borland Delphi example15.38 kB download
DOS source code archiveBasic / C / Pascal179.18 kB download
DasyLab driverFor all TiePie measuring instruments259.46 kB download
Instrument DLL programmer's manual1.29English331.35 kB download
Matlab examplefor Matlab 6.5.1 and higher2.80 kB download
Python binding for instrument DLL1.7for Python 2.7 (Windows 32 bit)200.51 kB download
Python examples1.74.90 kB download
Visual Basic 6 example12.84 kB download