Return Material Authorization

Before a product can be sent back to TiePie engineering, a Return Material Authorization number has to be obtained. To obtain this number, please fill in the form below.

When you want your instrument be recalibrated, please go to the recalibration request page.

In case of a defective instrument that you want repaired, please include the following information:

  • The name and serial number(s) of the instrument(s) 1
  • The version number of the installed USB driver for the instrument(s) 1
  • The version number of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software 2
  • A saved measurement setup (.TPS file) showing the issue
  • A screenshot (.PNG file) showing issue
  • The Windows version you use

1 Go to menu Instruments → Manage instruments..., single click the instrument and then press the Info Info button. From the dialog that shows, select and copy all displayed info.
2 Go to menu Help → About. From the About box, select and copy the complete version string.

Postal code*
State / Region
VAT number
Serial number*
In case of a repair,
what is the malfunction

The combined size of attachments must not exceed 32 MByte.

After sending the form, TiePie engineering will contact you using the email address you provided, to provide you the RMA number, address labels and shipping instructions.

Instruments sent to us without RMA number are processed with low priority.