Download software, drivers, brochures, manuals and software development kits for your measuring instruments.

Software, drivers, brochures, manuals and software development kits for other, discontinued instruments can be found in the download archive.

Driver & Software

The listed driver and Multi Channel oscilloscope software are compatible with all our current USB oscilloscopes. Make sure to use the latest version of the driver and the Multi Channel oscilloscope software.

For developing own software, see the Software Development Kit section below.

When started without instrument connected, the Multi Channel oscilloscope software operates as demo software.

WinUSB driver10.0.2Windows 10 / 11, 64 bit1.73 MB download
Multi Channel software1.47.0Windows 10 / 11, 64 bit, including PDF manual103.76 MB download
Multi Channel software manual 1.11English3.13 MB download

WiFiScope Firmware

Firmware for the WiFiScope network module.

For instructions on how to update the WiFiScope firmware, see the latest WiFiScope instrument manual.

WiFiScope network module firmware2024-02-20287.31 MB download

Instrument Manuals

WiFiScope Quick Start GuideEnglish2.55 MB download
WiFiScope WS6 DIFF Instrument manual2.48English1.53 MB download
WiFiScope WS6 Instrument manual2.48English1.12 MB download
WiFiScope WS5 Instrument manual2.48English1.11 MB download
WiFiScope WS4 DIFF Instrument manual2.48English1.28 MB download
Handyscope HS6 DIFF Instrument manual2.48English1.15 MB download
Handyscope HS6 Instrument manual2.48English639.23 kB download
Handyscope HS5 Instrument manual2.48English968.44 kB download
Handyscope HS4 DIFF Instrument manual2.48English715.92 kB download
Handyscope HS4 Instrument manual2.48English368.71 kB download
Handyscope HS3 Instrument manual2.48English447.64 kB download
Handyprobe HP3 Instrument manual2.48English651.25 kB download
Handyprobe HP3 Quick Start GuideEnglish1.45 MB download
Handyscope TP450 Instrument manual2.48English564.33 kB download

Data sheets and Brochures

WiFiScope WS6 DIFF data sheetEnglish3.28 MB download
WiFiScope WS6 DatasheetEnglish4.33 MB download
WiFiScope WS5 DatasheetEnglish1.30 MB download
WiFiScope WS4 DIFF data sheetEnglish2.07 MB download
Handyscope HS6 DIFF DatasheetEnglish3.80 MB download
Handyscope HS6 Data sheetEnglish4.74 MB download
Handyscope HS5 DatasheetEnglish2.55 MB download
Handyscope HS4 DIFF DatasheetEnglish4.09 MB download
Handyscope HS4 BrochureEnglish533.46 kB download
Handyscope HS4 Data sheetEnglish1.38 MB download
Handyscope HS3 BrochureEnglish3.84 MB download
Handyscope HS3 Data sheetEnglish1.41 MB download
Handyscope HS3 High resolution application note1English973.83 kB download
Handyprobe HP3 data sheetEnglish2.44 MB download

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Interfacing our instruments with third party software and developing own software requires the libtiepie-hw Software Development Kit. libtiepie-hw downloads are available for: