Handyscope HS5 USB oscilloscope

The unbeatable USB oscilloscope

Base price:  930.00

The 500 MS/s 14 bit dual channel High Resolution Oscilloscope with function generator.

Key specifications

Acquisition system
  • 8, 12, 14, 16 bit resolution, 0.25 % DC vertical accuracy, 0.1 % typical
  • Up to 500 MS/s sampling, up to 250 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 32 MSamples memory per channel
  • 20 MS/s, 14 bit continuous streaming
  • 1 ppm time base accuracy
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 1 µHz up to 40 MHz sine, square, triangular, pulse and arbitrary waveforms
  • -12 to 12 V output (24 Vpp)
  • Up to 64 MSamples, 240 MS/s, 14 bit arbitrary waveforms
  • Spurious (non harmonic) < -85 dB
  • 8 ns rise and fall time

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Base model:
  • Handyscope HS5-540
  • Handyscope HS5-530
  • Handyscope HS5-220
  • Handyscope HS5-110
  • Handyscope HS5-055

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This powerful high speed USB oscilloscope combines fast sampling up to 500 MS/s with high resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bit, a large memory of 64 MSamples and an extremely accurate built-in 40 MHz 14 bit Constant Data Size (CDS) arbitrary waveform generator with 24 V peak to peak output, generating true form signals. The oscilloscope supports continuous streaming measurements up to 20 MS/s and can be synchronized with other oscilloscopes using the CMI interface to form a multi channel combined instrument with synchronized time base. The CMI interface is available by default on the Handyscope HS5. Optionally, the Handyscope HS5 can be delivered with SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement on each channel.

Do you want to use the Handyscope HS5 (remotely) via a network connection? Transform the Handyscope HS5 to a network oscilloscope using an Instrument Sharing Server with TPISS installed.

The flexibility and quality that the Handyscope HS5 offers is unparalleled by any other oscilloscope and function generator in its class.


The SureConnect connection test feature of the tells you immediately whether your test probe or clip actually makes electrical contact or not. No more doubt whether your probe doesn't make contact or there really is no signal.

Read more about SureConnect View the SureConnect video

Multi instrument synchronisation

The Handyscope HS5 is equipped with a sophisticated CMI synchronization bus, allowing to connect multiple Handyscope HS5s to each other by means of coupling cables, to use them as a combined instrument. All instruments will measure at the same sample frequency (0 ppm deviation!). Apart from a synchronization bus, the CMI also contains a trigger bus and a detection bus. The maximum number of instruments is only limited by the number available USB ports.

Read more about multi instrument synchronisation View the CMI interface video

High accuracy

The Handyscope HS5 measures with high resolutions of 14 and 16 bit. A signal measured with the Handyscope HS5 therefore has 256 times more resolution than most standalone oscilloscopes, which usually have a low resolution of 8 or 9 bit. The high resolution of the Handyscope HS5 precision oscilloscope allows for measuring signals with more accuracy, because the quantization error is much lower.

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Large memory

When measuring at high sample rates, a long record length/large memory is necessary to be able to record a complete signal in the acquisition buffer. Where most oscilloscopes have 2.5 kSamples or 100 kSamples memory, the Handyscope HS5 has 32 MSamples memory per channel. This gives the user 300 to 10000 times more memory. An advantage of a large memory is that once-only fast phenomena can be captured completely. For example complete serial communications, like CAN bus signals, can be measured all in one record to be reviewed and analyzed afterwards.

Read more about large memory

Low distortion Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Handyscope HS5 is the first High Resolution USB oscilloscope with built-in 30 MHz low distortion function generator. The built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator uses CDS signal synthesis technology, developed by TiePie engineering, resulting in the best signal fidelity in its class, generating the true form of your signals. With spurious distortion as low as -85 dB at 100 kHz signal frequency, a very flat amplitude spectrum and a rise time of 8 ns, the low distortion function generator creates signals that approach perfection.

Read more about the low distortion arbitrary waveform generator

Oscilloscope and Generator synchronization

The High Resolution USB oscilloscope and the arbitrary waveform generator in the Handyscope HS5 can be easily synchronized by setting the trigger source of the oscilloscope to one or more generator trigger events: start, stop and new period.

Read more about oscilloscope and generator synchronization

Versatile Multi Channel oscilloscope software

The Handyscope HS5 is delivered with the versatile Multi Channel oscilloscope software, which transforms the Handyscope HS5 into an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data logger, multimeter and protocol analyzer.

Some of the powerful features of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software are indicated below, for a full description of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, refer to the Multi Channel oscilloscope software pages.

Quick Setup

To simplify setting up the measurements, the Multi Channel oscilloscope software contains a large number of Quick Setups, for almost any application. A Quick Setup contains the basic settings for a specific measurement as well as additional information regarding the selected Quick Setup, like e.g. how your Handyscope and/or accessories need to be connected. Quick Setups can also contain reference signals. After loading the Quick Setup, that specific measurement can be performed and if needed, small adjustments to the setup can be made.

The Quick Setups are carefully organized in a tree structure, ordered by application. Just a few mouse clicks allow to perform a complex measurement.

Read more on the Quick Setups...

Flexible signal displays

The Multi Channel oscilloscope software scope, spectrum analyzer and datalogger offer an ultimately flexible way to display all aspects of the measured signals. They can have one or more graphs, each displaying one or more signals, where each graph can display different parts of a signal. Graphs can display the signal(s) of your Handyscope in Yt mode, in XY mode or as frequency spectrum, with or without interpolation. Colors of all items in a graph can be set to any required value. Graph dimensions can be adjusted to any required size, graphs can be located in one single window or in separate windows, which can be located anywhere on the desktop.

Read more on Graphs...

Comprehensive Arbitrary Waveform Generator

To generate your test signals, the Multi Channel oscilloscope software also includes a comprehensive Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

An arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument that can generate repetitive or single shot signals. The signals can have a predefined standard shape like a sine wave or a square wave as in a conventional function generator. However, the signals can also have an arbitrary shape, defined by the user. These signals can be created using the Multi Channel oscilloscope software or an external program or can be signals previously measured by the Handyscope and loaded in the generator.

The Multi Channel oscilloscope software generator can be fully synchronized with the Multi Channel oscilloscope software oscilloscope, using the dedicated generator trigger signals, allowing the scope to trigger on the start of the generated signal, on each new period or on the end of the generated signal.

Read more on the Arbitrary Waveform Generator...

Unlimited zoom

When measuring at high sample rates, a long record length is a must, otherwise the acquisition buffer is full before the signal is measured. Therefore, our Handyscopes can have up to 256 MSamples record length per channel.

To view all that data conveniently and yet being able to see all details of the signals, the Multi Channel oscilloscope software scope, spectrum analyzer and data logger support sophisticated signal drawing routines with unlimited zooming capabilities. The full signal can be shown on any display size, without loss of information. Yet, you can zoom in to any required level, to see the finest details in the signals. Zooming factors of 1 million of even more are no problem, you can zoom in far beyond sample level.

Read more about the oscilloscope...


High detail spectrum analyzer

The high detail Multi Channel oscilloscope software spectrum analyzer takes full benefit of the deep memory of the high resolution USB Handyscopes. Not only gives the deep memory an incredible low resolution bandwidth of just 7.45 Hz at a frequency span of 500 MHz, it also gives a vertical dynamic range of 140 dB. The fast and powerful FFT routines with many user selectable window functions allow you to see the smallest frequency components in your signals.

The multi display option of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software spectrum analyzer allows viewing multiple parts of the spectrum at the same time, giving a better understanding of the signals that are analyzed.

Read more on the Spectrum analyzer...

More features

To discover more features of the comprehensive Multi Channel oscilloscope software for your Handyscope HS5, visit the Multi Channel oscilloscope software pages for a full description.

The Handyscope HS5 is available in 5 different base models:

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMax. signal frequency AWG
HS5-540500 MS/s20 MS/s40 MHz
HS5-530500 MS/s20 MS/s30 MHz
HS5-220200 MS/s10 MS/s20 MHz
HS5-110100 MS/s5 MS/s10 MHz
HS5-05550 MS/s2 MS/s5 MHz

Available options for the Handyscope HS5 are:

  • XM: With the extended memory option, 32 MSamples memory per channel is available. Without this option, the models have 128 KSamples memory per channel.
  • S: With the SureConnect option, connection test is available on all channels.
  • W5: With the extended warranty option, warranty is five years on parts and labor. Without this option, the models have two years warranty on parts and labor.

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The Handyscope HS5 is delivered with:

Instrument Handyscope HS5
Probe 2x Oscilloscope Probe 1:1-1:10 - HP-9250
Accessories Handyscope power supply, external power cable for USB port
Software for Windows 7/8/10, via website
Drivers for Windows 7/8/10, via website
Manuals instrument manual and software user's manuals
color printed and digital, via website
Complete set

Several downloads for the Handyscope HS5 are listed below, including Multi Channel oscilloscope software, drivers and manuals.

Driver & Software

USB driver8.1.9Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit3.80 MB download
Multi Channel software1.42.3Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit, including PDF manual66.22 MB download

Manuals & Documents

Multi Channel software manual 1.07English4.86 MB download
Handyscope HS5 Instrument manual2.27English965.40 kB download
Handyscope HS5 DatasheetEnglish2.40 MB download

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Interfacing the Handyscope HS5 with third party software and developing own software requires the LibTiePie Software Development Kit. Detailed information on the LibTiePie SDK, downloads for Windows and Linux platforms and bindings and programming examples for various programming environments can be found in the LibTiePie pages.