Handyscope HS5 models

The Handyscope HS5 is available with different combinations of maximum sampling speed, memory depth, maximum function generator signal frequency, SureConnect and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMax. signal frequency AWGMemorySureConnectWarrantyEANPrice
HS5-540XMS-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423641669635 1,783.00
HS5-540XMS500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423628295246 1,718.00
HS5-540XM-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423632231292 1,706.00
HS5-540XM500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423621987995 1,641.00
HS5-540S-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423627833883 1,739.00
HS5-540S500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423633668660 1,674.00
HS5-540-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423626879882 1,662.00
HS5-540500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423633055040 1,597.00
HS5-530XMS-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423627825871 1,741.00
HS5-530XMS500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423629531565 1,676.00
HS5-530XM-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423622475491 1,664.00
HS5-530XM500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423628580595 1,599.00
HS5-530S-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423626495402 1,697.00
HS5-530S500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423651186184 1,632.00
HS5-530-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423622158127 1,620.00
HS5-530500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423622039051 1,555.00
HS5-220XMS-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423622453406 1,574.00
HS5-220XMS200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423648552527 1,509.00
HS5-220XM-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423626751737 1,497.00
HS5-220XM200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423623767748 1,432.00
HS5-220S-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423623745746 1,530.00
HS5-220S200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423621124109 1,465.00
HS5-220-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423621383339 1,453.00
HS5-220200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423622887829 1,388.00
HS5-110XMS-W5100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423625320392 1,400.00
HS5-110XMS100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423638014042 1,335.00
HS5-110XM-W5100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423620410425 1,323.00
HS5-110XM100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423619598592 1,258.00
HS5-110S-W5100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423631343385 1,356.00
HS5-110S100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423650443431 1,291.00
HS5-110-W5100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423628551571 1,279.00
HS5-110100 MSa/s5 MSa/s10 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423624216207 1,214.00
HS5-055XMS-W550 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423626967930 1,290.00
HS5-055XMS50 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423620337364 1,225.00
HS5-055XM-W550 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz32 Mpts5 years7423620345390 1,213.00
HS5-055XM50 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz32 Mpts2 years7423657383303 1,148.00
HS5-055S-W550 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423625241246 1,246.00
HS5-055S50 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423626425416 1,181.00
HS5-055-W550 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz128 Kpts5 years7423632387357 1,169.00
HS5-05550 MSa/s2 MSa/s5 MHz128 Kpts2 years7423624158170 1,104.00