Rubber protector TP-RP-HS

Rubber protector TP-RP-HS


With a Rubber protector TP-RP-HS, your Handyscope series USB oscilloscope is protected against damage by mechanical shocks. The rubber helps absorbing shocks and prevents your instrument from sliding. All connections of the instrument remain fully accessible, as well as the power indicator light at the top of the instrument. Special notches simplify stacking multiple instruments.

A length adjustable strap with snap hooks is supplied with the Rubber protector TP-RP-HS, to safely hang your instrument near the test setup.

The Rubber protector TP-RP-HS can be used on the Handyscope HS6 DIFF, Handyscope HS5, Handyscope HS4 DIFF, Handyscope HS4 and Handyscope HS3. The Rubber protector TP-RP-HS is available in red, black and yellow.

Category: Miscellaneous

The table below shows detailed specifications of the Rubber protector TP-RP-HS.

Rubber protector TP-RP-HS

Width148 mm
Height31 mm
Depth179 mm
Weight80 g
ColorRed, black or yellow
Snap hooks2, metal
Width13 mm
Minimum length437 mm
Maximum length767 mm
Weight25 g

The following models of the Rubber protector TP-RP-HS are available:

Order codeEANPrice
TP-RP-HS-Red7423626513540 24.20
TP-RP-HS-Black7423625339363 24.20
TP-RP-HS-Yellow7423635818810 24.20

The Rubber protector TP-RP-HS is delivered with:

1 Rubber protector TP-RP-HS
1 Strap