LibTiePie SDK C#

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The examples show how oscilloscopes and generators can be controlled using LibTiePie in C#.

Warning: LibTiePie is succeeded by the libtiepie-hw SDK. LibTiePie is no longer maintained. The final LibTiePie information and files can be found here.
It is recommended to use the libtiepie-hw SDK for new developments.


LibTiePie C# examples0.6.3for Visual Studio 2012 or newer57.59 kB download


  • The C# examples.
  • LibTiePie .NET framework bindings. The TiePie.LibTiePie.dll file must be located in the main folder of the examples.
  • The LibTiePie library. For a 64 bit Windows version, the 64 bit library is required. For a 32 bit Windows version, the 32 bit library is required. The libtiepie.dll file must be located in the main folder of the examples. The provided project files copy it to the directory where the application is built.
  • .NET framework 2.0 or newer.
  • Visual Studio 2012 (Express) or newer.

Building the examples

The examples can be built by opening and building the solution file LibTiePie_Csharp_examples.sln in the main folder of the examples.


List of available example programs: