50% discount on recalibration

May 30, 2016

TiePie engineering manufactures high quality and high accuracy measurement instruments. To ensure the quality and accuracy, calibration is required. Get your instrument recalibrated and adjusted in the month of June and we give you 50% discount on the recalibration prices. When the recalibration requires replacement of components, the repair will be completely free in the month of June. Your instrument will be returned fully working and calibrated, meeting the required accuracy.

Only in the month of June 2016:

  • 50% discount on calibration of your TiePie engineering measurement instrument.
  • Free repair when required for a recalibration.
  • Free return shipping within the EU.
  • Your instrument must younger than 10 years old.

Therefore, make sure your measurements remain accurate and let your measurement instrument be recalibrated in the month of June, including free repair when required for the recalibration. We charge no return shipping cost (within the EU) in the month of June.

Send us your measurement instrument and we will take care that it gets in top condition and send it back for free (within the EU). Sign up your instrument for a recalibration here.