Innovation Top 100 2018

August 28, 2018

TiePie engineering is listed in the Innovation Top 100 2018 for medium and small businesses, organzed by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with the Handyscope HS6 DIFF - 1000XMSG: Measuring is knowing, but know which instrument to measure with.

A good measuring instrument is an indispensable tool for every technical innovation and can therefore be seen as an auxiliary tool for achieving a good result for any other technical innovation.

The Handyscope HS6 DIFF - 1000XMSG has three hardware innovations that make the instrument unique in the world.
SafeGround protects the instrument against a short circuit, as well as the device under test. It uses a very fast switching technique with a very low capacity, causing no load at the device under test.
SureConnect ensures the user that the test probes have a physical and electrical connection to to the device under test, avoiding measurement errors.
The CMI interface allows to combine multiple measuring instruments to a larger, fully synchronized measuring instrument without requiring specific knowledge or high cost.

Besides these three hardware innovations of the Handyscope HS6 DIFF - 1000XMSG, there are also many software innovations.

The Handyscope HS6 DIFF - 1000XMSG has similarities to the current smartphone. The smartphone replaces many devices with smart apps that use the hardware that a smartphone has. The Handyscope HS6 DIFF also has powerful and versatile measuring hardware that can be used with an app to realize various measuring instruments. The software then determines which type of measuring instrument you activate, which in turn makes use of the good underlying hardware of the Handyscope HS6 DIFF. Look for example at the spectrum analyzer that has many properties that are not available with a traditional spectrum analyzer. An 8 Hz resolution over a frequency band of 500 MHz is unique and is determined by software. (for more info, see

The Quick Setup already contains many tools for the user to quickly choose. If you want to make your own measuring instrument then there are building blocks such as multiplication, square root, absolute value, integration, logarithm, average, filtering, min / max determination, limitting, Fast Fourier Transformation, Duty cycle determination, speed determination, pulse decoder and protocol analyzers. The Handyscope HS6 DIFF is a hardware platform with which many instruments can be built by software application. OEM customers also see the added value of the Handyscope HS6 DIFF and will use it for specific measuring applications. There is an extensive SDK for support for building a software measurement application ( ) for Windows, Linux (INTEL, AMD and embedded, for example the Raspberry Pi). This can be linked to software such as Microsoft .NET, C, C ++, C #, Matlab, Node.js Python and Visual Basic. All this is supported by the extensive API, see .

You can easily create your own Quick Setup yourself. A device manufacturer can create a Quick Setup for each machine for its service technicians. The technician selects the device via the Quick Setup and then a part of the device and any sub-parts. The mechanic then immediately has the right instrument with the right settings and a sample signal and description / photo / video for connecting the test probes and any points he has to pay attention to. Analysis software can indicate where the defect can be.

Smart remote monitoring of (factory) installations by apps that report wear early so that maintenance can be done on time and downtime is minimized is now easily implemented with, for example, a Handyscope HS6 DIFF connected to a BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi. See also .

The CMI interface (intelligent combining instruments with 1 cable without having to go through settings or configurations) makes it very easy to combine more Handyscope HS6 DIFFs into a measuring instrument with many input channels without sacrificing performance. Of all the linked Handyscope HS6 DIFFs all measurement inputs are fully synchronized! See also

The Handyscope HS6 DIFF is a strong hardware platform with many good hardware features (1 GSa/s, 16 bit resolution, very low noise, continuous streaming 200 MSa/s (0 ppm deviation), large storage memory, remote measuring).

Rigid and expensive measuring instruments can now be replaced by an app on the [product id]. By making own apps, measuring instruments can be made that were rigid and expensive in the past. We have seen the same with the rise of the smartphone that has received many more applications than just making phone calls.

The ranking of the Innovation Top 100 will be announced on September 26, 2018.