Usage statistics

In order to help us improve the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, the software can send usage statistics to TiePie engineering. The statistics give us insight in which features are used and how they are used. These usage statistics are anonymized and do not contain any personally identifiable information.

The collected usage statistics include the following:

  • How many and which instruments are used (sent without serial numbers)
  • How and how often specific features are used
  • Which Quick Setups are used
  • How long the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is used

Disabling sending usage statistics

If you do not want the Multi Channel oscilloscope software to send anonymous usage statistics to TiePie engineering, you can disable it following these steps:

  • Go to menu Tools and select Settings...
  • In the Settings dialog, select the Updates page in the tree
  • On the Updates page, uncheck Submit anonymous usage statistics to TiePie engineering to help improve the software

If the checkbox is not available, the Multi Channel oscilloscope software version that you are using does not collect usage statistics.