Oscilloscope probe HP-2022

Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022

The Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022 is a passive high impedance oscilloscope probe with 15 MHz bandwidth designed and calibrated for use on oscilloscopes having an input impedance of 1 MΩ shunted by 20 pF.

The modular construction facilitates simple field replacement of the major parts.

Order code: HP-2022
EAN: 7423621237212
Price: € 13.00

Category: Probes

The table below shows detailed specifications of the Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022.

Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022 - Specification

Attenuation ratio1:1
Max. input voltage600V CAT I / 300V CAT II (DC + peak AC), derating with frequency, see below
Input resistance0 Ω plus 1 MΩ oscilloscope input resistance
Input capacitance46 pF plus oscilloscope input capacitance
BandwidthDC to 15 MHz
Rise time23 ns
Safetymeets EN61010-031 CAT II
Cable length1.2 m (47 inch)
AccessoriesChannel identifier clip
Sprung hook
Ground lead
Insulating tip
IC tip
Measuring tip
BNC adapter


The Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022 is delivered with:

1 Oscilloscope probe 1:1 - HP-2022
1 Sprung hook
1 Ground lead
1 Insulating tip
1 IC tip
1 Measuring tip
1 BNC adapter
Various Color coding rings