Handyprobe HP3 models

The Handyprobe HP3 is available with different combinations of maximum sampling speed, memory depth, Professional set and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMemoryProfessional setWarrantyEANPrice
HP3-100PS-W5100 MSa/s10 MSa/s16 KS5 years7423629827828 231.00
HP3-100PS100 MSa/s10 MSa/s16 KS2 years7423625790737 224.00
HP3-100-W5100 MSa/s10 MSa/s16 KS5 years7423621348321 183.00
HP3-100100 MSa/s10 MSa/s16 KS2 years7423626823878 176.00
HP3-100XMPS-W5100 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423621015032 249.00
HP3-100XMPS100 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423622827870 242.00
HP3-100XM-W5100 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423625790751 201.00
HP3-100XM100 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423627659643 194.00
HP3-20PS-W520 MSa/s2 MSa/s16 KS5 years7423648787783 192.00
HP3-20PS20 MSa/s2 MSa/s16 KS2 years7423627921900 186.00
HP3-20-W520 MSa/s2 MSa/s16 KS5 years7423622064060 144.00
HP3-2020 MSa/s2 MSa/s16 KS2 years7423645974957 138.00
HP3-20XMPS-W520 MSa/s2 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423650574531 210.00
HP3-20XM-W520 MSa/s2 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423630061013 162.00
HP3-20XMPS20 MSa/s2 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423632666643 204.00
HP3-20XM20 MSa/s2 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423621472446 156.00
HP3-5PS-W55 MSa/s500 kSa/s16 KS5 years7423632326349 147.00
HP3-5PS5 MSa/s500 kSa/s16 KS2 years7423628132183 143.00
HP3-5-W55 MSa/s500 kSa/s16 KS5 years7423623126163 99.00
HP3-55 MSa/s500 kSa/s16 KS2 years7423625260254 95.00
HP3-5XMPS-W55 MSa/s500 kSa/s1 MS5 years7423621358399 165.00
HP3-5XMPS5 MSa/s500 kSa/s1 MS2 years7423621549506 161.00
HP3-5XM-W55 MSa/s500 kSa/s1 MS5 years7423621317396 117.00
HP3-5XM5 MSa/s500 kSa/s1 MS2 years7423627323339 113.00