Handyscope HS3 models

The Handyscope HS3 is available in 5 models with different maximum sampling speed and an optional extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedWarrantyEANPrice
HS3-AWG-100-W5100 MSa/s5 years7423646352327 1,345.00
HS3-AWG-100100 MSa/s2 years7423625133145 1,297.00
HS3-AWG-50-W550 MSa/s5 years7423627684669 1,289.00
HS3-AWG-5050 MSa/s2 years7423635826853 1,241.00
HS3-AWG-25-W525 MSa/s5 years7423656931932 1,112.00
HS3-AWG-2525 MSa/s2 years7423652973912 1,064.00
HS3-AWG-10-W510 MSa/s5 years7423644472409 975.00
HS3-AWG-1010 MSa/s2 years7423640732774 927.00
HS3-AWG-5-W55 MSa/s5 years7423639879879 815.00
HS3-AWG-55 MSa/s2 years7423620943947 767.00