Handyscope HS6 DIFF models

The Handyscope HS6 DIFF is available with different combinations of maximum sampling speed, memory depth, EMI, SureConnect, SafeGround and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMemoryEMISureConnectSafeGroundWarrantyEANPrice
HS6-DIFF-1000XMESG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423624796723 2,077.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMESG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423621394380 2,013.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMEG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423644384382 1,982.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMEG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423636611625 1,918.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMSG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423622536543 1,913.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMSG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423620390321 1,849.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMS-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423626426451 1,803.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMS1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423621480434 1,739.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423624176198 1,818.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XMG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423628274227 1,754.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XM-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423629282214 1,708.00
HS6-DIFF-1000XM1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423619798794 1,644.00
HS6-DIFF-1000SG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423631378349 1,865.00
HS6-DIFF-1000SG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423629131154 1,801.00
HS6-DIFF-1000S-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423629210262 1,755.00
HS6-DIFF-1000S1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423630911974 1,691.00
HS6-DIFF-1000G-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423620234229 1,770.00
HS6-DIFF-1000G1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423620470412 1,706.00
HS6-DIFF-1000-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423623850846 1,660.00
HS6-DIFF-10001 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423632263231 1,596.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMSG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423623951956 1,681.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMSG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423620397313 1,626.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMS-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423639956969 1,571.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMS500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423630363360 1,516.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423638876855 1,586.00
HS6-DIFF-500XMG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423629720778 1,531.00
HS6-DIFF-500XM-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423621495483 1,476.00
HS6-DIFF-500XM500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423637652641 1,421.00
HS6-DIFF-500SG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423625850820 1,633.00
HS6-DIFF-500SG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423621350348 1,578.00
HS6-DIFF-500S-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423634573505 1,523.00
HS6-DIFF-500S500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423628981927 1,468.00
HS6-DIFF-500G-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423641928978 1,538.00
HS6-DIFF-500G500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423623644605 1,483.00
HS6-DIFF-500-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423634231252 1,428.00
HS6-DIFF-500500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423624044039 1,373.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMSG-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423624585501 1,498.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMSG200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423629013078 1,450.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMS-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423629993936 1,388.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMS200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423643886863 1,340.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMG-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423623411412 1,403.00
HS6-DIFF-200XMG200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423621076019 1,355.00
HS6-DIFF-200XM-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423628170147 1,293.00
HS6-DIFF-200XM200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423626349385 1,245.00
HS6-DIFF-200SG-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423651655659 1,450.00
HS6-DIFF-200SG200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423619492401 1,402.00
HS6-DIFF-200S-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423627278288 1,340.00
HS6-DIFF-200S200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423627824898 1,292.00
HS6-DIFF-200G-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423623298211 1,355.00
HS6-DIFF-200G200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423636633641 1,307.00
HS6-DIFF-200-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423620146157 1,245.00
HS6-DIFF-200200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423650258202 1,197.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMSG-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423633078018 1,341.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMSG100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423625216237 1,299.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMS-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423627011083 1,231.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMS100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423620233260 1,189.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMG-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423649736797 1,246.00
HS6-DIFF-100XMG100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423631462468 1,204.00
HS6-DIFF-100XM-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423637575575 1,136.00
HS6-DIFF-100XM100 MSa/s20 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423630021048 1,094.00
HS6-DIFF-100SG-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423632788741 1,293.00
HS6-DIFF-100SG100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423626833853 1,251.00
HS6-DIFF-100S-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423625677656 1,183.00
HS6-DIFF-100S100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423622255277 1,141.00
HS6-DIFF-100G-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423622916963 1,198.00
HS6-DIFF-100G100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423631842840 1,156.00
HS6-DIFF-100-W5100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423623322336 1,088.00
HS6-DIFF-100100 MSa/s20 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423621198193 1,046.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMSG-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423622584513 1,228.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMSG50 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423636931945 1,190.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMS-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423650827897 1,118.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMS50 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423622458456 1,080.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMG-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423630792733 1,133.00
HS6-DIFF-50XMG50 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423622418450 1,095.00
HS6-DIFF-50XM-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS5 years7423625843891 1,023.00
HS6-DIFF-50XM50 MSa/s10 MSa/s256 MS2 years7423621263266 985.00
HS6-DIFF-50SG-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423628793780 1,180.00
HS6-DIFF-50SG50 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423624058067 1,142.00
HS6-DIFF-50S-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423646199106 1,070.00
HS6-DIFF-50S50 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423634821828 1,032.00
HS6-DIFF-50G-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423629936988 1,085.00
HS6-DIFF-50G50 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423621814895 1,047.00
HS6-DIFF-50-W550 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS5 years7423620575513 975.00
HS6-DIFF-5050 MSa/s10 MSa/s1 MS2 years7423629614657 937.00