Handyscope TP450 models

The Handyscope TP450 is available in models with different of maximum sampling speed and memory depth. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMemoryPrice
TP450-250250 kS/s250 kS/s16 KS 139.00
TP450-250-W5250 kS/s250 kS/s16 KS 145.00
TP450-250XM250 kS/s250 kS/s1 MS 169.00
TP450-250XM-W5250 kS/s250 kS/s1 MS 176.00
TP450-5050 kS/s50 kS/s16 KS 119.00
TP450-50-W550 kS/s50 kS/s16 KS 124.00
TP450-50XM50 kS/s50 kS/s1 MS 149.00
TP450-50XM-W550 kS/s50 kS/s1 MS 155.00