WiFiScope WS5 models

The WiFiScope WS5 is available with different combinations of maximum sampling rate, memory depth, maximum function generator signal frequency, SureConnect and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMax. signal frequency AWGMemorySureConnectWarrantyPrice
WS5-540XMS-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,829.00
WS5-540XMS500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,774.00
WS5-540XM-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,764.00
WS5-540XM500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,709.00
WS5-540S-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,791.00
WS5-540S500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,737.00
WS5-540-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,726.00
WS5-540500 MSa/s20 MSa/s40 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,672.00
WS5-530XMS-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,792.00
WS5-530XMS500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,738.00
WS5-530XM-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,727.00
WS5-530XM500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,673.00
WS5-530S-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,753.00
WS5-530S500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,701.00
WS5-530-W5500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,688.00
WS5-530500 MSa/s20 MSa/s30 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,636.00
WS5-220XMS-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,646.00
WS5-220XMS200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,598.00
WS5-220XM-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 MSa5 years 1,581.00
WS5-220XM200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz32 MSa2 years 1,533.00
WS5-220S-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,608.00
WS5-220S200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,561.00
WS5-220-W5200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 KSa5 years 1,543.00
WS5-220200 MSa/s10 MSa/s20 MHz128 KSa2 years 1,496.00