WiFiScope WS6 DIFF models

The WiFiScope WS6 DIFF is available with different combinations of maximum sampling rate, memory depth, EMI option, SureConnect, SafeGround and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMemoryEMISureConnectSafeGroundWarrantyPrice
WS6-DIFF-1000XMESG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,541.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMESG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,459.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMEG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,446.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMEG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,364.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMSG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,377.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMSG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,295.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMS-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,267.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMS1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,185.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,282.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XMG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,200.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XM-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,172.00
WS6-DIFF-1000XM1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,090.00
WS6-DIFF-1000SG-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,329.00
WS6-DIFF-1000SG1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 2,247.00
WS6-DIFF-1000S-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,219.00
WS6-DIFF-1000S1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 2,137.00
WS6-DIFF-1000G-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,234.00
WS6-DIFF-1000G1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 2,152.00
WS6-DIFF-1000-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,124.00
WS6-DIFF-10001 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 2,042.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMSG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,145.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMSG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 2,072.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMS-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,035.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMS500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,962.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 2,050.00
WS6-DIFF-500XMG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,977.00
WS6-DIFF-500XM-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 1,940.00
WS6-DIFF-500XM500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,867.00
WS6-DIFF-500SG-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,097.00
WS6-DIFF-500SG500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 2,024.00
WS6-DIFF-500S-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,987.00
WS6-DIFF-500S500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,914.00
WS6-DIFF-500G-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 2,002.00
WS6-DIFF-500G500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,929.00
WS6-DIFF-500-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,892.00
WS6-DIFF-500500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,819.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMSG-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 1,962.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMSG200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,896.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMS-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 1,852.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMS200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,786.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMG-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 1,867.00
WS6-DIFF-200XMG200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,801.00
WS6-DIFF-200XM-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa5 years 1,757.00
WS6-DIFF-200XM200 MSa/s50 MSa/s256 MSa2 years 1,691.00
WS6-DIFF-200SG-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,914.00
WS6-DIFF-200SG200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,848.00
WS6-DIFF-200S-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,804.00
WS6-DIFF-200S200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,738.00
WS6-DIFF-200G-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,819.00
WS6-DIFF-200G200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,753.00
WS6-DIFF-200-W5200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa5 years 1,709.00
WS6-DIFF-200200 MSa/s50 MSa/s1 MSa2 years 1,643.00