WiFiScope WS6 models

The WiFiScope WS6 is available with different combinations of maximum sampling rate, memory depth, EMI option, SureConnect and extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedMemoryEMISureConnectWarrantyEANPrice
WS6-1000XMES-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423628538589 2,606.00
WS6-1000XMES1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423631895808 2,518.00
WS6-1000XME-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423621218204 2,499.00
WS6-1000XME1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423646070030 2,411.00
WS6-1000XMS-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423641318380 2,421.00
WS6-1000XMS1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423646743729 2,333.00
WS6-1000XM-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423620528557 2,314.00
WS6-1000XM1 GSa/s200 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423624486488 2,226.00
WS6-1000S-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423637323381 2,367.00
WS6-1000S1 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423634693647 2,279.00
WS6-1000-W51 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423620792705 2,260.00
WS6-10001 GSa/s200 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423645657669 2,172.00
WS6-500XMS-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423620625669 2,169.00
WS6-500XMS500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423622367352 2,081.00
WS6-500XM-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423620784731 2,062.00
WS6-500XM500 MSa/s100 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423634321335 1,974.00
WS6-500S-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423634545588 2,115.00
WS6-500S500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423621880852 2,027.00
WS6-500-W5500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423627316393 2,008.00
WS6-500500 MSa/s100 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423628788755 1,920.00
WS6-200XMS-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423625824838 1,970.00
WS6-200XMS200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423627279292 1,882.00
WS6-200XM-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 Mpts5 years7423630861811 1,863.00
WS6-200XM200 MSa/s40 MSa/s256 Mpts2 years7423627946996 1,775.00
WS6-200S-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423643650693 1,916.00
WS6-200S200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423621340356 1,828.00
WS6-200-W5200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 Mpts5 years7423621382325 1,809.00
WS6-200200 MSa/s40 MSa/s1 Mpts2 years7423626163103 1,721.00