Envelope mode

When a signal is monitored and a glitch is expected, envelope mode can be used to be sure to see the glitch. In envelope mode, for each sample in the record a highest value and a lowest value is stored. Each measurement is checked whether the new value lies between the previous highest and lowest or not. If not, the highest or lowest value is changed to the new value. This way a glitch is always captured.

Envelope mode can be obtained by creating two Min / Max detector I/Os and connect both to the same source. Set one Min / Max detector I/O to detect maximum values and the other to detect minimum values. Show both in the same graph, on the same axis.

Envelope mode using Min / Max detector I/Os allows to zoom in, revealing additional information. In most oscilloscopes, envelope mode is only a display function, which is reset when a setting is changed or creates a bitmap that is enlarged when zooming in, without revealing additional information.