Multi Channel oscilloscope software update, version 1.33

July 22, 2015

Version 1.33 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is now available for download. Many changes have been made to add new functionality and to improve basic operations in the software. This is a categorized overview of some of the changes.

Horizontal cursors

Default cursors

Graphs now have both vertical and horizontal cursors, which can be switched on individually, using the corresponding buttons on the graph toolbar:

Vertical cursors Enable/disable vertical cursors
Horizontal cursors Enable/disable horizontal cursors

The cursors can be used as ruler to mark specific areas in the graph. Additionally, they can be used to perform measurements on the displayed signals. Measurement results are shown in a special value window which is opened using the special Value window Value window button on the graph toolbar. When the value windows is opened and the listed measurements require cursors which are not switched on, these cursors will be switched on automatically.

The horizontal cursors add the following measurements:

Top Top Show the value of the signal(s) at the position of the top cursor
Bottom Bottom Show the value of the signal(s) at the position of the bottom cursor
Top-Bottom Top-Bottom Show the difference of the signal(s) between the top and bottom cursor

New automatic measurements

Two new automatic measurements are added, which can be used in combination with the cursors and the Meter sink:

PulseCount Pulse count Show the number of rising pulses in the measured signal
PulseCountNegative Negative pulse count Show the number of falling pulses in the measured signal

Intelligent unit handling

When performing (complex) mathematical operations on measured signals using I/Os, the units of the outputs of the used I/Os will now be handled more intelligently, e.g.:

  • V*s*s now becomes V*s2
  • (V*V/s)s now becomes V2
  • V*A now becomes W
  • (V*A)s now becomes J

Improved property control

The popup menus of instruments, channels, sources, I/Os and sinks are rearranged to give a more convenient overview of the available properties and actions. Current property values have been added to the menu items to give a better overview of the settings of the object. Opening a popup menu of an object can now also be done by selecting the object in the object tree and then pressing the Menu key Windows menu key.

Properties and actions of multiple selected channels, sources, I/Os and sinks can now be set and executed together. When multiple objects are selected in the object tree, the popup menu shown for the combination of objects, when the selection is right clicked, will only show the properties and actions that all the selected objects have in common. When changing a property, it will be changed for all selected objects, when activating an action, it will act on all selected objects.

When you have e.g. an Average I/O and a MinMax detector I/O and you want to stop both after 8 measurements, click the Average I/O and then click the MinMax detector I/O with the Ctrl key pressed. Then right-click the selection or press the Menu key Windows menu key and select Stop after Count from the popup menu. This property will now be set for both I/Os.

Multiple I/Os selected

New options for loading set files

A new option is added to the setting Start after loading settings for oscilloscopes and generators: As loaded. When this option is set in the oscilloscope settings or generator settings, the scope and generator are started according to the settings that are stored in the set file that is loaded.

Further changes

Several other minor changes and corrections have been made in the software, to improve controlling instruments and performing measurements.

Version 1.33 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software can be downloaded from the Multi Channel oscilloscope software download section.