Multi Channel oscilloscope software update, version 1.36

April 6, 2017

Version 1.36 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is now available for download.

Crankshaft angle I/O added

For automotive purposes a Crankshaft angle I/O is added. In modern engines, usually a crankshaft sensor is present which generates a periodic signal with a number of cycles per revolution of the engine. The Crankshaft Angle I/O converts this signal into a crankshaft angle signal, showing the exact angle throughout the whole revolution.

Crankshaft Angle I/O

The rotation speed of a crankshaft is not constant during the revolution, it fluctuates constantly as a result of the power strokes and the compression strokes of the cylinders. Therefore, the crankshaft angle does not change linearly in time.

This angle signal can be combined in a graph with an injector signal and/or an ignition signal. Relations between the crankshaft angle and the injection or ignition moments are then immediately visible.

Other changes

Several other minor changes and corrections have been made in the software, to improve controlling instruments and performing measurements.