Use an oscilloscope as logic analyzer

TiePie engineering no longer sells dedicated logic analyzers. With the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, most of our oscilloscopes can be used as protocol analyzers and are therefore an alternative for dedicated logic analyzers. An advantage of using an oscilloscope instead of a logic analyzer, is that analog signals can measured synchronously with digital signals and that not only the digital signals, but also their signal quality can be analyzed. The maximum number of analyzable signals is not limited by the number of input channels of a single oscilloscope, because multiple oscilloscopes like the Handyscope HS5 can be combined to form a synchronized oscilloscope with many channels. Digital communications buses can be analyzed using the protocol analyzers available in the Multi Channel oscilloscope software.

Protocol analyzers for several serial protocols, like CAN bus, J1939, RS232 and I²C are available and more will be added in the future. Figure 1 shows the use of a Handyscope HS5 for decoding information transmitted on a CAN/J1939 bus. The raw CAN bus data is first extracted and then further decoded using a J1939 decoder to extract engine coolant and manifold temperature.

J1939 decoder showing decoded engine coolant and manifold temperatures.Figure 1: J1939 decoder showing decoded engine coolant and manifold temperatures.

For more information about using your oscilloscope as a logic analyzer, refer to the information about the available protocol analyzers. Feel free to contact us when you need help selecting an oscilloscope to be used as logic analyzer.