Handyscope HS4 DIFF models

The Handyscope HS4 DIFF is available in 4 models with different maximum sampling speed and an optional extended 5 year warranty. All models are listed below and can be ordered directly from stock.

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedWarrantyPrice
HS4-DIFF-50-W550 MS/s500 kS/s5 years 1,602.00
HS4-DIFF-5050 MS/s500 kS/s2 years 1,540.00
HS4-DIFF-25-W525 MS/s250 kS/s5 years 1,331.00
HS4-DIFF-2525 MS/s250 kS/s2 years 1,280.00
HS4-DIFF-10-W510 MS/s100 kS/s5 years 1,102.00
HS4-DIFF-1010 MS/s100 kS/s2 years 1,060.00
HS4-DIFF-5-W55 MS/s50 kS/s5 years 861.00
HS4-DIFF-55 MS/s50 kS/s2 years 828.00