The Sound sink makes data audible. This can be both block mode data and streaming data. It can play data through one of the installed sound cards. If necessary, the data is resampled to fit the sound card's sample frequency.

One or two sources may be connected to each sound sink. If one source is connected, the data will be played in mono, otherwise in stereo. When playing stereo, the first source connected will be at the left and the second source at the right.


To control the behavior of the Sound sink, several properties and actions are available. These can be accessed through a popup menu which is shown when the sink is right clicked in the Object tree.


The Play action plays the current content of the Sound sink.


The Sound sink can play data through one of the installed sound outputs in the computer. The Output property selects which one is used. By default Wave mapper is used to output the data to.

Common properties and actions