Cross-platform LibTiePie 0.4.4 available for Handyscope HS5

March 25, 2014

Version 0.4.4 of the LibTiePie library for the Handyscope HS5 is available for download. LibTiePie is available for Windows and various Linux platforms, including Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black.

Changes in version 0.4.4:

  • Reduced Handyscope HS5 oscilloscope trigger jitter when using external or generator trigger sources.
  • Added support for checking if a trigger input is available.
  • Added trigger input/output IDs.
  • Added oscilloscope channel probe offset support.
  • Some minor improvements and corrections.

Bindings for the .NET framework have been added, as well as examples for C# and Visual Basic .NET. Bindings and examples for Matlab and Python are updated to work with LibTiePie 0.4.4.

Information on using LibTiePie can be found in the LibTiePie pages.

Warning: When using LibTiePie 0.4.4 in a Windows environment, a new Handyscope HS5 driver, version 7.1.6 is required. It can be downloaded from the download page.