The new Handyscope HS5-540 : generate signals up to 40 MHz

September 29, 2014

Handyscope HS5: 2 channel high precision USB oscilloscope with low distortion Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Handyscope HS5 range is extended with a new model, the Handyscope HS5-540.

The Handyscope HS5-540 has a CDS generator capable of generating high fidelity true form signals up to 40 MHz. The Arbitrary waveform generator sampling frequency is adjustable up to 240 MSa/s. The 64 Mpoints waveform buffer allows for many user applications. The CDS system of the Handyscope HS5-540 Arbitrary waveform generator gives a typical spurious distortion below -85 dB at 100 kHz signal frequency. No other Arbitrary waveform generator in its class can match this.

Handyscope HS5-540 Arbitrary waveform generator
1 µHz to 40 MHz sine, square and triangular waves
240 MSa/s, 14 bit, 64 Mpoints arbitrary waves
1 ppm time base accuracy
Spurious (non harmonic) < -85 dB
8 ns rise and fall time
-12 to 12 V output (24 Vpp)

Available options for the Handyscope HS5-540 are:

  • XM: With the extended memory option, 32 Mpoints memory per channel is available. Without this option, 128 Kpoints memory per channel is available.
  • S: With the SureConnect option, connection test and resistance measurement are available on all channels.
  • W5: With the extended warranty option, warranty is five years on parts and labor. Without this option, the models have two years warranty on parts and labor.

Visit the Handyscope HS5 pages for more information.