Multi Channel oscilloscope software update, version 1.38

October 24, 2017

Version 1.38 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is now available for download.

Various changes have been made to add new functionality and to improve basic operations in the software. This is a categorized overview of some of the changes.

Handyscope HS6 DIFF

  • Support is added for the new Handyscope HS6 DIFF with option E: the EMI pre compliance tester. Read more on the EMI page.
  • The SafeGround functionality is optimized and now has faster switching times, which ensures a good protection of the device under test when a short circuit is created.
  • The USB 3.0 interface is optimized and gives high data streaming rates, that allow large data records to be transferred very fast.

Data collector I/O

  • The maximum data size of the Data collector I/O is enlarged to 50 MSamples.
  • A new option is added to the data collector action "When full": Save to disk and clear.


  • Cursors can now be used when the graph is set to XY mode.
  • The time axis labels of a scope now also can display "date and time", which is particularly convenient when examining very long (data logger) measurements.
  • Vertical axis snapping is now disabled when an axis is zoomed such that less than 10% of the vertical range of a signal is visible, unless the zero level is in visible range.
  • Visible range and axis range dialogs:
    • The range can now be adjusted in the same style (days, hours and minutes or date and time) as the style that is selected for the time axis.
    • For horizontal axes, minimum is now shown above maximum.
    • Values are now formatted in SI notation instead of scientific.
    • Removed the swap question, values are now always swapped when the entered minimum value is larger than the entered maximum value.

Crankshaft angle I/O

Some improvements were made on the Crankshaft angle I/O:

  • Renamed the property Angle offset to TDC offset.
  • Added a property Top Dead Center, which defaults to Before TDC.

Other changes

Several other minor changes and corrections have been made in the software, to improve controlling instruments and performing measurements.