Long range wireless multi instrument synchronization module

July 13, 2023

WCMI module on scope
The Wireless Multi Instrument Synchronization Module WCMI, the world’s first module to wireless synchronize multiple oscilloscopes over a long distance of up to 400 meters and combine them to a single instrument. The WiFiScope and Handyscope series 5 and 6 instruments are suitable to be used with the WCMI module. The WCMI module is placed on the extension connector at the rear of each oscilloscope and the Multi Channel oscilloscope software automatically detects how many instruments are equipped with a WCMI module. All detected oscilloscopes, connected via WiFi, LAN or USB, are combined to one single oscilloscope with a total number of channels that equals the sum of the number of channels of the detected oscilloscopes. The WCMI module has an internal automatic time synchronization system that takes care that all sample clocks of the oscilloscopes are synchronized. When a trigger occurs on one of the selected channels, all oscilloscopes will be triggered simultaneously and all signals will be synchronously visible on the display.

The Wireless Multi Instrument Synchronization Modules can be used both indoors as in the open field. With the built-in RSSI meter, the receiving signal strength of each Wireless Multi Instrument Synchronization Module can be checked.

Wireless Multi Instrument Synchronization Module WCMI

When synchronous measurements are required at multiple locations that are up to several hundred meters apart, or fully galvanically isolated from the computer and each other, the Wireless Multi Instrument Synchronization Module WCMI in combination with a TiePie engineering oscilloscope offer the required solution. High speed sampling at 100 MSa/s and 16 bit high resolution measuring are supported by the WCMI module. No long cabling is required between the scopes and the computer and no complicated setup is required, resulting in a simple and hassle free installation.

Yet again the TiePie motto applies: plug in and measure