Measure lead TP-C812B

Measure lead TP-C812B

The Measure lead TP-C812B is a low noise differential measure lead designed to be used with the:

This 2 meter long measure lead splits in two individual ends of each 1.2 meter long. The BNC connector at one end plugs directly on the oscilloscope. The two other ends each feature a single 4 mm banana plug, on which application specific test points, clamps or probes can be plugged.

The Measure lead TP-C812B is very flexible, uses a heat resistant silicone isolation and shrouded banana plugs.

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Category: Measure leads

The inputs of the WiFiScope WS6 DIFF, WiFiScope WS4 DIFF, Handyscope HS6 DIFF and Handyscope HS4 DIFF are differential, which means that both sides of the inputs have a high impedance. There is no connection to ground as in conventional oscilloscopes which are used with coax cables. Using a coax cable on these oscilloscopes would result in the oscilloscopes picking up a lot of external interference.


The specially designed Measure lead TP-C812B has a high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR), it is very insensitive to external interfering signals. The two ends can be placed up to more than two meters apart, while picking up very little interference. With a conventional oscilloscope with a standard oscilloscope probe this is not possible. The maximum distance between the positive side and ground is then usually limited to approximately 20 cm. And this 20 cm is very susceptible to interference. The Measure lead TP-C812B for the WiFiScope WS6 DIFF, WiFiScope WS4 DIFF, Handyscope HS6 DIFF and Handyscope HS4 DIFF does not have this disadvantage. External interference is very well suppressed by the special construction of the Measure lead TP-C812B. Measuring between two distant points is now possible.

The table below shows detailed specifications of the Measure lead TP-C812B.

Measure lead TP-C812B

Oscilloscope sideisolated BNC plug
Test point sidered and black 4 mm shrouded banana plugs
Bandwidth7 MHz
SafetyCAT III, 1000 V, double isolated
Total length2000 mm
Length to split800 mm
Length individual ends1200 mm
Weight80 g
Certifications and compliances 
CE conformityyes
Color coding rings5 x 3 rings, various colors

The Measure lead TP-C812B is delivered with:

1 Measure lead TP-C812B
3 Red color coding rings
3 Blue color coding rings
3 Yellow color coding rings
3 Green color coding rings
3 Pink color coding rings

Measure lead TP-C812B user manual1.4English488.34 kB download