Low pass filter

Low pass filter
The Low pass filter I/O filters the source's data using a first order low pass filter. Data is filtered with a first order low-pass IIR filter. The cut-off frequency and an optional gain can be set.

A typical application of the Low pass filter I/O is to remove unwanted higher frequency noise from a measurement, which may negatively affect further operations on the measured data.

Note: As of Multi Channel oscilloscope software version 1.43.0, the Low Pass filter I/O is no longer available in the software for new setups and measurements. Use the Filter I/O instead. Existing saved setups containing the Low Pass Filter I/O can be loaded and used.


To control the behavior of the Low pass filter I/O, several properties are available. These can be accessed through a popup menu which is shown when the I/O is right clicked.


The Frequency property sets the cut-off frequency of the filter, the point where the amplitude of the signal is reduced by -3 dB. Several standard values are available, as well as a user defined setting.


A Gain property is available to apply an optional gain to the filter. Several standard values are available, as well as a user defined setting.

Common properties and actions

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