The Multiply/Divide I/O multiplies or divides data of two ore more sources. Up to 32 sources can be connected to a Multiply/Divide I/O.

A typical application of the Multiply/Divide object is power measurement. When you measure the voltage over a load and the current through it, you can calculate the power by multiplying both measurements.


To control the behavior of the Multiply/Divide I/O, several properties are available. These can be accessed through a popup menu which is shown when the I/O is right clicked.

*/ mask

The */ mask determines which sources are in the nominator (default) and which sources are in the denominator. This mask contains a '*' or '/' character for every connected source. By default, the mask consists of '*'-es only and all sources are multiplied. To divide by a source, set its corresponding mask character to '/'.

Some examples of */ masks are shown in the table below:

Sources Mask Result
1 / 1 / src1
2 ** src1 * src2
2 */ src1 / src2
2 /* src2 / src1
2 // 1 / (src1 * src2)
3 *// src1 / (src2 * src3)
6 */*//* (src1 * src3 * src6) / (src2 * src4 * src5)

Common properties and actions

Related information


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