Multi Channel oscilloscope software update, version 1.0.26

October 4, 2012

Version 1.0.26 of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is now available for download.

This is a list of some of the changes:

  • Handyscope HS5:
    • Added connection testing for supporting Handyscope HS5s.
    • Added resistance measurements for supporting Handyscope HS5s.
    • Added combined instrument support. This requires new driver version 7.0.1.
    • External clock source can be used.
  • Temporary unavailable channel trigger sources no longer disappear from the menu but are grayed.
  • Table sink window bounds and always on top state are now (re)stored.
  • Fixed sorting of custom table sink columns containing empty cells. (Empty cells were not compared.)
  • A graph axis can now be dropped on another one with a different unit.
  • Added keyword filter on 'Name' of both PGNs and SPNs in J1939 decoder I/O's add output form.
  • Corrected SPN units in J1939 database.