Cross-platform LibTiePie 0.4.5 available for Handyscope HS5 and Handyscope HS4 (DIFF)

October 22, 2014

Version 0.4.5 of the LibTiePie library is available for download. LibTiePie is available for Windows and various Linux platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, RIoTboard and Wandboard Dual. LibTiePie supports the Handyscope HS5, Handyscope HS4 and Handyscope HS4 DIFF.

Changes in version 0.4.5:

  • LibTiePie now also supports the Handyscope HS4 and Handyscope HS4 DIFF and combined instruments of the Handyscope HS4 and Handyscope HS4 DIFF, with higher maximum streaming rates, up to 500 kS/s.
  • Handyscope HS5 can now use all available memory (64 MS / 256 kS) with one channel.
  • Lowered required glibc version for Linux.
  • Fixed USB 1.1 support.
  • Many documentation improvements.
  • Some minor improvements and corrections.

Examples for C have been added. Bindings and examples for the .NET framework, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Matlab and Python are updated to work with LibTiePie 0.4.5.

Information on using LibTiePie can be found in the LibTiePie pages.

Warning: When using LibTiePie 0.4.5 in a Windows environment, new drivers, version 7.1.10 are required for the Handyscope HS5, Handyscope HS4 and Handyscope HS4 DIFF. They can be downloaded from the download pages of the individual instruments.