Handyscope TP450 specifications

The tables below show detailed specifications of the Handyscope TP450 high voltage oscilloscope. Jump to acquisition specifications, trigger specifications or general specifications.

Acquisition system

Input channel1
Typegalvanically isolated, differential
Resolution16 bits
Amplitude accuracy0.5 % of full scale
Ranges±2 V, ±4 V, ±8 V, ±20 V, ±40 V, ±80 V, ±200 V, ±400 V, ±450 V
Impedance1 MOhm // 20 pF
Maximum input voltage (in all ranges)600 V CAT II (DC + AC peak, < 10 kHz)
Maximum Common Mode voltage600 V in all ranges
Galvanic isolation 
between input and USB port5000 Vrms for 1 minute
 Handyscope TP450-250Handyscope TP450-50
Bandwidth (-3dB)200 kHz25 kHz
Sampling rateHandyscope TP450-250Handyscope TP450-50
block mode 
maximum250 kS/s50 kS/s
minimum1 S/s1 S/s
streaming mode 
maximum250 kS/s50 kS/s
minimum1 S/s1 S/s
Sampling clock sourceinternal
Accuracy±25 ppm
Memorystandard modelXM option
 16384 samples1048576 samples
Systemdigital, 2 levels
 Handyscope TP450-250Handyscope TP450-50
Trigger modesrising edge
falling edge
inside window
outside window
rising edge
falling edge

Level adjustment0 to 100 % of full scale
Hysteresis adjustment0 to 100 % of full scale
Resolution0.025 % (16 bits)
Pre trigger0 to selected record length, 1 sample resolution
Post trigger0 to selected record length, 1 sample resolution


InterfaceUSB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s); (USB 1.1 Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) and USB 3.0 compatible)

Power Requirements

Power from USB port100 mA max (0.5 W max)


Instrument height70 mm (2.75 inch)
Instrument length72 mm (2.83 inch)
Instrument width42 mm (1.65 inch)
USB cable length3 m (118 inch)
Weight160 g (5.6 ounce)

I/O connectors

Channel 1slide contacts with removable adapters for EU, US, AU and UK mains wall sockets
USBfixed cable with USB 2.0 type A connector

System Requirements

PC I/O connectionUSB
Operating SystemWindows Vista/7/8/10

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature20 to 25 °C (10 to 40 °C without specification)
Relative humidity10 to 90 % non condensing
Altitude< 2000 m

Storage Environment

Ambient temperature-20 to 70 °C
Relative humidity5 to 95 % non condensing

Certifications and Compliances

CE mark complianceYes


InstrumentHandyscope TP450
Test leadMeasure lead TP-C812C
AccessoriesTest Probe TP-TP90 Set
2 x Alligator Clip TP-AC80I, red and black
SoftwareWindows 7/8/10 on CD
DriversWindows 7/8/10 on CD
Manualinstrument manual and software user manuals
color printed on paper and digital on CD