Trigger level

All oscilloscope channel trigger types use one or two trigger levels. Trigger levels can be set for each channel individually. The trigger level is set either in absolute values or in relative values, depending on the selected Trigger level mode. Changing a trigger level of a channel in the Multi Channel oscilloscope software can be done in several ways:

  • Dragging/moving the trigger symbol (Rising edge symbol, Falling edge symbol, etc.) on an axis of an oscilloscope channel that is used as trigger source. The trigger level can be changed by moving the edge of the symbol associated with the level, or by moving the whole symbol.
  • Opening the trigger properties dialog and adjusting the required trigger level(s).
  • Right-clicking the trigger symbol on an axis or the associated channel in the Object Tree and selecting Trigger level or Trigger level 2 in the popup menu. The level can then be set by selecting one of the pre defined values. A User defined... setting is available that also allows to an arbitrary value.
  • Using hotkeys F7 and F8 in combination with the appropriate channel selection hotkey(s) (only trigger level 1).
  • Clicking the increase/decrease trigger level buttons Increase trigger level and Decrease trigger level on the channel toolbar (only trigger level 1).