Hotkeys for the Multi Channel oscilloscope software

A lot of the standard functionality of the Multi Channel oscilloscope software can be controlled by hotkeys. Below is a list.

Per instrument
F3 / F4 Decrease / increase sample frequency
F11 / F12 Decrease / increase record length
Ctrl + F11 / F12 Decrease / increase Time per division
S Start / Stop
O Start Oneshot / Stop
0 Trigger time out = 0
1 Trigger time out = 1 s
W Toggle trigger time out infinite and previous value
Shift + / Change pre-/post samples ratio
space Directly force a trigger
Q Perform a quick Auto Setup
Ctrl + Q Perform a quick Auto Setup and keep following the signal
Per channel
F5 / F6 Decrease / increase range
R Autoranging on / off
F7 / F8 Decrease / increase trigger level
[ / ] Decrease / increase trigger hysteresis
A AC-coupling
D DC-coupling
Per graph
L Interpolation
U Zoom out
Ctrl + Del Clear graph
Shift + Del Delete graph
/ Move scrollbar slider
Ctrl + / Move left edge of the scrollbar slider
/ Move right edge of the scrollbar slider
T Full record view
X XY mode
Y Yt mode
Ctrl + O Open settings and measured data
Shift + Ctrl + O Open a Quick Setup
Ctrl + S Save settings and measured data
Ctrl + P Print measured data
F1 Context sensitive help
Shift + [ 1 ... 0 ] Select graph 1 through 10
Ctrl + [ 1 ... 0 ] Select instrument 1 through 10
Alt + S Search instruments

The channel hotkeys mentioned by default apply to channel 1. However, if the hotkeys are used with the keys mentioned in the table below, the hotkey applies to the indicated channel.

Key(s) Channel
- Ch. 1
Ctrl Ch. 2
Shift Ch. 3
Ctrl + Shift Ch. 4
Alt Ch. 5
Alt + Ctrl Ch. 6
Alt + Shift Ch. 7
Alt + Ctrl + Shift Ch. 8

Hotkeys for the Arbitrary waveform generator window

The Arbitrary Waveform Generator can be controlled by hotkeys. Below is a list.

F2 Toggle generator output on / off
Ctrl + F2 Toggle generator output invert
F3 .. F9 Select signal type sine .. arbitrary
F Set frequency through popup window
A Set amplitude through popup window
O Set offset through popup window
S Set symmetry through popup window
P Set phase through popup window
B Set burst count through popup window
D Set sweep duration through popup window
W Set pulse width through popup window
space Start / stop
Ctrl + O Open settings and/or arbitrary data
Ctrl + S Save settings and/or arbitrary data