The Limiter I/O limits or clips a signal to a certain range. The maximum and minimum level of the clip range can be set individually.

A typical application of the limiter is "cleaning up" digital signals. Set the clip range to a narrow window around the middle between the high level and the low level of the digital signal. Then use a Gain/Offset I/O to magnify the output signal of the limiter to the original magnitude.

The limiter works as follows: all values of the signal above the maximum of the clip range are changed to the maximum value. All values below the minimum of the clip range are changed to the minimum value.

if sample < Clip_min then
  sample := Clip_min
if sample > Clip_max then
  sample := Clip_max;

Properties and actions

To control the behavior of the Limiter I/O, several properties are available. These can be accessed through a popup menu which is shown when the I/O is right clicked.

Clip range

The Clip range property sets the maximum and minimum limits of the Limiter I/O.

Common properties and actions

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