Handyscope HS5, an unbeatable oscilloscope

June 21, 2012

Handyscope HS5: 2 channel high precision USB oscilloscope with low distortion Arbitrary Waveform Generator

TiePie engineering has unveiled the world’s first high resolution USB oscilloscope with a built-in 30 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator, the Handyscope HS5. The Handyscope HS5 combines an high accuracy (0.1% typical) Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, Protocol analyzer, Data recorder, Multimeter and Waveform generator in one tool.

Oscilloscope / Spectrum analyzer / Voltmeter / Data logger
14 bit resolution (16 bit enhanced resolution user selectable)
Up to 500 MSa/s sampling rate
250 MHz bandwidth
20 MSa/s continuous streaming
32 Mpts memory per channel
0.25% DC accuracy, 0.1% typical 
1 ppm time base accuracy
Arbitrary waveform generator
1 µHz to 30 MHz sine, square, triangular and arbitrary waves
240 MSa/s, 14 bit, 64 Mpts arbitrary waves
1 ppm time base accuracy
Spurious (non harmonc) < -85 dB
8 ns rise and fall time
-12 to 12 V output (24 Vpp)

The Handyscope HS5 is the first USB High Resolution Oscilloscope (USB powered) sampling at 500 MSa/s, with a 14 bit resolution and a 250 MHz bandwidth. This makes it possible to analyze very fast signals with very small amplitudes. The smallest distortions can be revealed due to the high resolution and bandwidth. Because of the deep memory (up to 64 Mpts on one channel), long record measurements are available for intermittent phenomena and Fast Fourier Transform calculations with over 32 million spectral lines can be performed. Using very fast FFT algorithms, an FFT with 1 million spectral lines can be performed within a second. Long term continuous uninterrupted streaming with the data logger can be done up to 20 MSamples per second.

The Handyscope HS5 Arbitrary Waveform Generator has a 20! times higher frequency range than a standard DDS generator. The Arbitrary waveform generator sampling frequency is adjustable up to 240 MHz. Using the TiePie engineering true form Constant Data Size system, this allows generating signals up to 30 MHz in arbitrary mode. The 64 MSamples waveform buffer allows for many user applications. The true form CDS system of the Handyscope HS5 Arbitrary waveform generator gives a typical spurious distortion below -85 dB at 100 kHz signal frequency. No other Arbitrary waveform generator in its class can match this.

Combined with the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, the Handyscope HS5 turns your PC into an High Resolution Oscilloscope, Precision Spectrum analyzer, High Performance Multimeter, Very Fast Data logger, Comprehensive Protocol Analyzer and High Fidelity Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Visit the Handyscope HS5 pages for more information.