To configure the Multi Channel oscilloscope software to personal preferences and requirements, many settings in various categories are available. These settings are combined in the settings dialog, which can be opened through the main menu (File → Settings...) or by clicking the settings button Settings button on the toolbar.

Settings dialog.

Figure 1: Settings dialog.

When a settings category is selected in the tree view at the left, the associated settings are shown. The four buttons at the bottom of the screen have the following function:

  • Apply Apply the settings made so far and leave the settings dialog open
  • Cancel Discard all changes made in the settings, including those already applied and close the settings dialog
  • OK Apply all changes made in the settings and close the settings dialog
  • Reset Reset all settings to factory default settings

The settings are stored in an INI configuration file, which can easily be backed up or copied to another computer.

You can also use an alternative INI file. If you create an INI file with the same name as the application executable in some folder and run the Multi Channel oscilloscope software in that folder, that file will be used instead of the default. You can easily accomplish this by changing the "start in" property of a shortcut to the Multi Channel oscilloscope software.